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Julia Mira, originally from Estonia and currently residing in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is not just a DJ but a multifaceted artist with a significant presence in the LYL and Echobox radio scenes. Drawing inspiration from her background in painting, Julia approaches DJing as if it were a canvas, utilizing music as her medium. Her selections are characterized by their sheer unpredictability, enabling her to craft unique sonic landscapes tailored to each specific occasion.

Her DJ sets transcend conventional boundaries, embarking on a journey of sound exploration that incorporates elements of left-field ambient, polyrhythmic rave infusions, and delicate electronic experimentalism. With each performance, Julia paints a vivid and immersive experience that awakens the senses, inviting the audience into a realm of lucid dreams, captivating narratives, and an aura of enigmatic allure, whether it's in a tiny listening space or on the stage of a festival.

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