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Julia Mira is a multidisciplinary artist born in Estonia and currently residing and creating in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her diverse portfolio ranges from small watercolor and ink images on paper to larger acrylic paintings on canvas. With roots in the DJ scene and a background in raves from the early 2000s, Julia draws inspiration from subcultures and their unconventional approaches to life.

In her artistic practice, Julia delves into the essence of existence, exploring themes of desire, vulnerability, and euphoria. Each of her works aims to encapsulate the poetry found within instantaneous emotional experiences.

Julia's creative vision is shaped by the juxtaposition of natural harmony and the dynamic, ever-evolving atmosphere of urban life. This dichotomy is reflected in her art, which oscillates between moments of tranquility and tension, and between subdued elegance and sensual aesthetics.

Engaging in a constant dialogue with her work while painting, Julia seeks to strike a balance between expressing the intensity of a moment and relinquishing control over the imagery, allowing space for the art to exist autonomously. This enigmatic dialogue serves as a driving force, compelling her to continuously evolve and explore new artistic horizons.


Artless, Amsterdam, Nederland, 2020
Gerrit Rietveld Academy, DOGtime program, 2017-2018
Artless, Amsterdam, Nederland, 2017
Artless, Amsterdam, Nederland 2015-2016
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Nederland 2011-2012
BA in Applied Arts, Estonian Euro Academy, Tallinn, Estonia 2006-2011
Kunst School, Tartu,  Estland 1999-2003

Group, project 40x40 “Grenzenloos”, Galerie Tuur, Venlo, Netherlands, 2015
Group, project 40x40 “Skin”, Galerie Tuur, Venlo, Netherlands, 2016
Group, “Talking to hare”, Artless, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016
Group, “Zomerpresentatie”, Artless, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016
Group, “Google Eyes”, Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Solo, “Meanwhile portraits”, Ondertussen Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Live painting performance during “Pause pop-up event”, Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Live music performance + visuals, Museum night, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017
Solo, “378”, murmur, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2023


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